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about ordering

I like to build the best performing bike for each customer because I want them to enjoy it, train hard, or just be happy and comfy on the bike. All the bikes I make are tailor-made based on their body measurements and /or an existing bike fitting. I use Columbus tubing for all the frames and I do TIG welding. These tubes are chosen keeping in mind the rider's preferences, weight, and riding style in order to create a frame that best suits his/her needs and tastes. I like to meet my customers to talk with them about the use and abuse the bike will be subjected to, and when possible, even go on a ride together to see them on a bike - it is super useful and the best way to close a deal/bond like this one.

Once the chat is done, I ask for a 50% deposit of the frame price, and then the framebuilding begins. I like to give 4 months, give or take, to complete a frame because, unless I get it done in 4 days, I am at the mercy of dealers, tubing stocks, parts suppliers, painters, etc. The list goes on! Sometimes the coordination is fast, and sometimes it's slow.

Just drop me a line at rizzocycles@gmail.com and we will talk

about me

Six years now into frame building, almost three making a living from it. Around 80 frames already born from my hands, still very far from the masters I have always admire, but closer on my quest of learning a job the old way. Don´t fool yourself, this is not a fancy job, it´s a hard one.

I started building frames because I've never had a job with regular hours. With lots of empty days, I felt the need to fill them by doing something useful. I didn't know what I was getting myself into. The nearest framebuilder at that time told me I was going to waste my time and would soon surrender. He was wrong. I started making bikes for me and my friends. Taking some tubes and turning them into a bike is magical, building your own bike is awesome, but building bikes for others and seeing their joy riding them is unbeatable.

I firmly believe that nowadays we can learn to do anything by ourselves, you just have to work hard. I don't have a master, but every framebuilder I have seen, read about, or met has taught me something. Some of them have helped me a lot, and a couple have become great friends. Going into framebuilding hasn't been easy, but I'm sure it's the best thing I've done in my entire life.